Android Development

Like any self-respecting man would know, Android is a Linux based open source operating system. Clearly, Android is one of the most famous systems in today’s markets and that is why we have launched this service for our customers.We are proud to announce that we have built a number of mobile Apps which have been approved and are listed on the Play Store and as you read, our hard working developers are developing this very second. We would be happy to show you apps that we have built over the past year…as long as you don’t seduce and steal those beauties from us. Fact is, every REAL business, IYKWIM, has an app on the store for promotional purposes and we are here to build you one (in exchange for the Greens, thank you).

We build you apps how you want them. The style you want, the look you want. We will fulfill your quality assurances. Unless, of course, you want an ugly looking app that no one wants to burn their eyes with

We work across all major mobile platforms including Android, Windows phone, HTML5 and Hybrid. Our enterprise application development services include:

  • Requirements documentation
  • Business process redesign
  • Systems integration
  • User experience and User Interface design
  • Coding
  • Testing and quality assurance

Apart from just “developing,” apps, like machines, need to be maintained. And like the experienced company that we are, ZeeApp Solutions offers you, beloved client, application maintenance. In other words, after we make you an awesome application, we don’t ditch you (most of the time *nervous giggles*), we keep in contact, ready to help our BELOVED of course client at the slightest problem.

  • Deployment and hosting
  • Server maintenance
  • Change request management
  • Code refactoring and debugging
  • Ongoing development
  • Change control documentation

We partner with organisations who are unsure of their overall mobile strategy, unclear exactly where to start, or how to maximize the value of their existing IT assets and systems. Our mobile experts can help to facilitate mobile related workshops, identify technical resource gaps and scope an effective programme of work. Our mobile partnership services include:

  • Mobile readiness audits
  • Mobile strategy workshops
  • Application prioritisation
  • Investment casing
  • Architecture and integration planning
  • Programme management

Mobile is a popular trend today. ZeeApp Solutions offers marketing services so that your app can lead in the market. Like a responsible company that we totally are, we keep in mind that a significant number of apps enter the Play Store every day. But because yours will be made by us, it WILL stand out. Or like be outstanding. Like you were outstanding of your class in your school days. *giggles* I am just saying

  • Marketing strategy
  • App promotion
  • Product strategy
  • Analytics

I could give a 37-options long list but that would again be boring and you probably wouldn’t even read it. The fact is, as I have told you many times before, that we build WHATEVER *you* want. Contact us and we will give you that boring AF 37-options list. Then you can freely waste half an hour going through that list. Beware of prevailing BOREDOM. UGH

What are you waiting for? Request a Free Quote, yes, a FREE quote! (couldn’t believe that, could you?)