Web & Graphic Designing

ZeeApp Solutions believes in bla bla bla. Front-end, back-end bla bla. UX. UI. C++, Java. Bla bla. Algorithms and scripts and Boolean. Bla. *Uses a lot of developer jargon* bla bla. We could give you a lot of developing jargon to make you think we are professional, but we know you don’t care, and nor do we. That’s why we are going to make it simple for you:

  • We have an awesome team.
  • Once again, we are awesome.
  • We work together as friends to give you the best.
  • ZeeApp Solutions uses of the most modern software to ensure quality.
How we do it?
  • We start with analyzing your business goals and target user groups;
  • Deep research into actual usage
  • Constant usability tests to ensure speedy designing and use
Responsive Website Design

We build websites with fluid design structures. Very, very (once again very) simply, that means that the websites will resize themselves according to the screen they are being opened on? Get it? No? Call us. Anyways, this could be shown by considering the difference between a laptop screen and a phone screen.

On a smaller phone screen, the website will only show the essential components of the site. On a laptop, however, all the parts would spread out. This is known as progressive enhancement. Get it now? No? Please don’t contact us. Contact a doctor!

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