Web Development

It is a fact that most first time guests of your website lack the knowledge of your identity and your business. We aim to remove any doubts in our gorgetastic clients and show them who’s best. In other words, we will prove to you how awesome our web developers are.

Our Primary Skills
  • PHP
  • Wordironing, commonly known as Wordpress
  • Codeigniter and Laravel
  • E-Commerce Stores(Magneto, Open-cart)
  • Lastly, whatever you need

Your website has to be attractive and appealing. It must have an industry-appropriate, professional and up-to-date look if you want these clients to take your business seriously and without hesitation. With our development team, you can express your good intentions to your potential clients that you offer the proper and precise services that they are looking for, and that you serve clients like them whole-heartedly and with joy. We develop your website with the very purpose of supporting your sales and marketing efforts. With this intent, with a proper mindset and workforce, productivity and progress is guaranteed to follow. Our best website solutions exist because of business purposes and they will surely work because customer satisfaction is one of our primary concerns.

We believe in four major components: look, functionality and flexibility.


Your website has to be attractive and appealing and hawwwwwt.The most prominent factor which allows customers to differentiate between bona fide and fraudulent businesses is the “LOOK” of their site. The LOOK of your site is more important than you think. That’s why ZeeApp Solutions will make you a website that will surprise all others and become Miss Universe before you know it!
Good look=awesome business=more customers


We have a special interest in high-caliber web development. This inspires us to not only design beautiful websites, but to also give them a solid backbone. Functionality is essential to our designs and sound technology is what makes our websites truly valuable.It must be industry-appropriate, professional and up-to-date if you want clients to take your business seriously. With our *incredible* development team, you can express your good intentions to your potential clients. Functionality is more important than the look because James LeBron once said:

“If it looks good but it doesn’t work, it is good for nothing.”


Our web development services cater for both complex and simple business requirements. We can give you the most complicated or simple sites for use at any platform; all the while ensuring its awesomeness, hawwwwtness.

Our Approach:
  • Our web development services include Ecommerce development, CMS development and the development of EXACTLY what YOU need.
  • Ongoing client-feedback is essential, functionality is as important as design and quality is non-negotiable. We believe in improvement.
  • Our Web Developers team studies your client market, evaluate the competition within your field and develop a sound strategy that will suit your business and goals. Contact us to find out more about our website development solutions view some of the sites we’ve developed.

James LeBron once said that:

“ZeeApp Solutions is awesome. Use their services.”

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